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Helpful Google Tools: Google Dance

As an SEO & SEM marketing professional, there are a number of tools that I use to help myself and my customers. The majority of those tools are lumped under a single name: Google. I use 8 of Google’s Tools routinely in my day to day and in my work. I thought I’d embark upon an 8-day review of each of these tools, since many of them are relatively unknown!

I’ll start with the Google Dance Tool. A couple of customers I work with recently came to me and asked, “Why is it that if I do a search for XYZ on my computer at home, then I do the same search from my computer at work, the results change? I cannot find what I was looking for earlier.” Along similar lines, I’ve been on the phone with a customer, who is in another state, and been doing a search with them in Google, and we’ve both come up with different results while executing the same search at the same time.

These search results are what internet marketers and geeks call the “Google Dance“.

As you might know (or hazard to guess), Google has an insane number of servers across the universe. we also know that the machines from which people access the internet have different IP addresses and are connected to the internet in different geographical locations. Google spiders, called googlebots, index massive amounts of content on the internet each month, and as you might guess, the spiders crawl forth from their particular “server cave” at different times to index web pages across the globe, which takes several days.

When a person does a search on Google, the results are pulled from more than 10,000 servers. Since it’s not possible for all of these servers to receive the updated monthly index information at the same exact time, some servers contain the old index info while others grab the new info. Google has a much more technical explanation that you can read if you are interested. But basically, two people searching for the same query in the same town may see different ranking results because Google’s updated indexes take time to crawl to the particular data center that receives the updated index.

The Google Dance Tool allows you to see when Google is spidering the internet and, for a particular search query, it will show you when the site you are looking for will rank with Google. Of course, none of this is an exact science. So say a prayer and throw a pinch of salt over your left shoulder, just for good luck :-)