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Google Tools: Google Correlate

I recently received an email newsletter (as opposed to the dead tree kind) that talked about a relatively new tool from Google called Google Correlate.

Being the math junkie that I am, I found this approach to looking at how search phrases relate to one another pretty interesting. Google Correlate takes a search phrase that you enter, for example “tulip bulbs”, and it will show you other phrases that people also searched for at the same time. The data that Google has spans over 7 years.

The graphic below shows the top correlated words to “tulip bulbs”:

Google Correlate results for "Tulip Bulbs"

Google Correlate results for "Tulip Bulbs"

What I think is really interesting here is the cyclicity of the search. Horticultural products are most certainly seasonal in nature. And it appears that lots of people are searching for phrases related to trees; which makes sense. Fall is the perfect time to plant trees as well as spring flowering bulbs.

From a PPC perspective, if I had a customer who sold spring bulbs as well as trees, I’d make sure that they had an optimized trees campaign as well as a bulbs campaign. From an SEO perspective, it would be good to make sure that the content on their website was optimized and ready for those searches. From a cross-channel marketing perspective, it would be good to consider marketing campaigns that highlight trees and their related products as well bulbs and theirs.

From what I see, Google Correlate has the ability to point out other marketing opportunties that might otherwise have been missed. I do not agree with the author, however, that Google Correlate can in some ways be better than Google Insights or the Keyword Tool. I believe that each of these tools allows search marketers to approach their work from different angles; so that their resulting efforts are, perhaps, more complete. Google Correlate offers another window through which one can research, analyze, and make decisions on good keyword choices.

And, perhaps a year or so from now, we’ll find that “google insights” and “google keyword tool” correlate to “google correlate”