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Hello there! I’m Alisa, the owner of Green Sky Development. Green Sky Development specializes in all aspects of internet marketing for the green industry (gardening, horticulture, agriculture). I’m employed by companies outside of this niche as well. Gardening runs in the family and is one of my passions; so being able to combine gardening with internet marketing is a dream job!

Being here, in the blogosphere, is long overdue. I’ll be posting here at least once a week; more often if something really captures my attention. The personality and tone of this blog will no doubt change over time. I tend towards tutorials and instruction, as I really enjoy empowering people to do good, “white hat” SEO on their own.  Of course, I am always available for hire for those folks who need an SEO expert to “just take care of things” so that they are empowered to do what they do best – run their own companies!

I’ll also treat you from time to time with pictures of my own garden – and those yucky tomato hornworms  that always attack my heirloom tomato plants!

By the way, up in the right-hand column is the title for recent blog posts: “Can you dig it?” This is warmly dedicated to Richard Hager, a Ph.D and Associate Professor of Marine Science at Richard Stockton College. I had Rich as a professor for 2 of my marine science courses and when he got really excited about a topic, he’d scribble on the board, then look over his right shoulder with “this smile” on his face and say “Can you dig it?” It always made me smile, and still does. I get pretty excited about internet marketing. Rich would probably wonder how the hell you jive internet marketing with invertebrate zoology, but hey, it works. So here’s to you Rich. Thanks for some great teaching. I still manage to find analogies between marine science and internet marketing. If you ever read this post, hopefully you’ll dig it!

So stay tuned. Thanks for reading. More to come soon!