Monthly Archives: May 2011

[Google AdWords]

I work with many Google Adwords accounts and I am seeing something very interesting happening. This post is more of a thoughtful musing than informative. I welcome specific feedback from folks who may have particulars about what is going on.

The interesting thing I am seeing is that historically using an [exact match] in Google AdWords, though it limits clicks and impressions, produced the greatest conversion rates at the lowest cost per click. I am seeing quite the reverse trend these days, where exact match phrases I have set up are the most expensive and least producing; and I am finding that 3-word “phrase matches” are performing much better, especially when combined with a healthy dose of negative keywords.

I wonder if the bigger recent algorithm changes at Google have caused what I am seeing. Just as I find that I need to pay closer attention to various social profiles as it relates to organic search engine optimization, so am I finding that the “old standards” that we used to apply to Google AdWords tactics seem to be less effective.

Is anyone else experiencing this?